Friendship is a One Way Road

Friendship is a One Way Road

दोस्ती एक वन वे रोड है
जिस पर दो लोग चलते हैं ,
हाथ में हाथ लिए,
एक दुसरे का ख्याल करने के लिए,
सुख दुःख बांटने के लिए,
माफ करने के लिए,
और चुपचाप कहने के लिए कि
“मैं हमेशा तुम्हारे साथ हूं”


Friendship is a One Way Road
to b Traveled by Two,
with Hand in Hand,To Care,
To Share,
To forgive,
To Say Silently
“I’m Always with u”.

U R my best frnd.
Bharosa nahi?
Chalo fir KUTUBMINAR par chadenge
Me 1 2 3 bolunga Tum Kood jana.
Baad me jab tum 1 2 3 bologi
to me kood jaunga

It is true that every effort
is not converted into Success,
But it is equally true
that Success does not come without efforts.

Definition Of My friend
My medicine when i’m in pain
My later when i’m far
My smile when i’m sad
My hanky when i cry
My 1 more breath when i die.

Butterflies dont know in what color their wings are,
but human eyes know how nice it is.
Likewise you dont know how sweet you are,
but I know how sweet you are.

You are the one who made things different,
U are the one who took me in.
U are the one thing I could count on
above all, you are My friend.