Friendship Status Keep in Touch

Friendship Status Keep in Touch

शून्य संगीत बन जाता है
लम्हा नृत्य करने लगता है
मुस्कुराहट हंसने लगती है
जिंदगी उत्सव लगाती है
जब दोस्त के मैसेज की रिंग बजती है

Sound becomes Music,
Movement becomes Dance,
Smile becomes Laughter,
Mind becomes Meditation
& Life becomes Celebration
when Friends keep in touch.

दोस्ती खुदा का वो उपहार है
जीतनी पुरानी उतनी पक्की
जीतनी गहरी उतनी सच्ची
जितने पास उतने ख़ास
कम बोले और ज्यादा समझे.

Friendship is a silent gift of nature.
More old, more strong.
More deep, more clear.
More close, more warm.
& Less words more understanding.

Friendship Status Keep in Touch
Friendship Status Keep in Touch

हर रोज कितने अजनबी मिलते हैं
मगर हम उदास रहते हैं,
तब तक मन में कोई फूल नहीं खिलते हैं,
जब तक आप नहीं मिलते हैं.

Everyday I see lots of strangers passing by me,
this makes me realize that,
Life would be boring,
Without a friend like you!

जो बीत गया वो बेकार है
आज का दिन जैसे अखबार है
आगे क्या होगा एक सवाल है
पर जिंदगी के पास सारे जवाब हैं
तुम्हारी मुस्कराहट कर सकती इसे गुलजार है.

Yesterday is a waste paper.
Today is a news paper.
Tomorrow is question paper.
but Life is an answer paper.
So be careful what you write on it..

There are Only Two people
Who can Tell U the Truth
About Yourself..!
“A Friend who has Lost his Temper
and an Enemy Who starts Loving you”.

Friendship Status Keep in Touch

Life is at its weakest
when there’s more doubts than trust;
But life is at its strongest
when u learn how to trust
inspite of the doubts.

If people talk behind your back,
what does that means…???
It means you are
two steps ahead of them.

Being happy doesn’t mean
everything’s perfect.
It just means you’ve decided
to see everything
beyond the imperfections.