Good Morning Status

Good Morning Status

Every morning is a wonderful day
to begin building tomorrow’s future.
just make use of your day to grow like the sunrise
& humble yourself like the sunset.
Good morning!

Be thankful for every morning you wake up to,
a brand new day of your adventure in LIFE.
god knows how to make your day right,
Look up and say “God be my Guide.”

Every time I say good morning
it’s not just greeting you a good morning.
There’s a silent message saying
“I remembered you when I woke up.”
Good Morning!!!

Good Morning Status

Bade arman se banwaya hai,
Ise roshni se sajaya hai.
Bahut dur se mangwaya hai,
Zara khidki khol ke dekho
aapko good morning kahane
suraj bhijwaya hai.

Friends are like mornings,
you may share with them
only a few hours of the day.
But you know that they will
always be there tomorrow,
the next day and the day after,

Life can be hard,
not always fun.
Night brings darkness
and morning brings sun.
When life seems tough
and nobody seems to care,
Dil se Karna yaad,
I’ll b there.

I call U 5 times, but you are busy…
I am in front of your HOUSE..
So pls. Come out on the BED…
My name is SUN .
Just come  2  wish…

The best breakfast ever is the one
that feeds both the body and soul;
Commence ur day with PRAYER
and have a very wonderful breakfast
with GOD. Good Morning!

1 nai subah
1 nai aasha
1 nai umeed
1 nai soch
1 bar fir aasmaan chhune ki koshish
Kamyab hone ki chahat
Subah ki pehli kiran ke saath
Good Morning  my friend.