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Keep Smiling Hindi Status

Keep Smiling Hindi Status

Being visible n being together
isn’t always a requirement for being close.
It just takes some thoughts n memories
to feel the presence of someone.

What is the relationship between
coffee shops & wine shops?
Most of the love stories
start at coffee shops……
………and end at wine shops!!

Keep Smiling Hindi Status
Keep Smiling Hindi Status

before you Speak.
T- is it True?
H- will it Help?
I- is it Inspiring?
N- is it Necessary?
K- is it Kind?
Your words will Identify you.

Friendship is the inexpressible comfort
of feeling safe with a person
because you neither have
to weigh your thoughts
nor measure your words!

Keep Smiling Hindi Status

Don’t take life too seriously
Always find time to laugh
Remember that laughter
not only adds years to your life,
but adds more life to your years

Always tell someone what you feel,
mean what you say & say what you mean,
coz opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye
but regrets can last a lifetime..!

Belief is the most powerful tool
against trials.
the most effective medicine
against doubt
& the most valuable gift
to someone we care for..