Real Friend is One Who Wipes Your Tears


पत्नी : उस मुए भिखारी को आगे से कभी खाना नहीं दूँगी
पति: क्यों?
पत्नी: कल मैंने उसे खाना दिया और आज मुआ मुझे “खाना कैसे बनायें” यह किताब दे गया.
Wife: the beggar who came yesterday is very bad !
Husband: Why ??
Wife: I gave him food yesterday
and today he gifted me a book p
“How to Cook”..!!

Having GOD in your boat
does not mean that
you will not face any storm.
But It means that
no storm can sink your boat.

Conscience is a salt of life
and Imagination is sweet of life.
Conscience keep life safe
and imagination brings sweetness 2 life.
A proper balance is Art of Life.

Sweetest part in life is
to carry all d memories in life,
but toughest part is to say gud bye
to person who is behind those memories.

No one in this world is rich enough
to buy his own childhood back.
However Friends help recreate those moments
from time to time at no cost.

With petals of Roses
Palm full of Holy water
Light of Full Sun
Fragrance of Flower &
Grass with dew
I wish a very special Morning to you.
Good Morning.

जो सिर्फ आपके साथ हंसता खेलता रहे
वही आपका सच्चा दोस्त नहीं होता है
मगर जो आपके रोम रोम को प्यार से भर दे
और आपके आंसुओं को दूर करदे
वही आपका सच्चा दोस्त होता है

One who just smiles at u all times
does not become your true friend.
But one who fills your soul with luv
and wipes your tears is your real friend