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SMS for Special Friend

SMS for Special Friend

Days are empty when I don’t hear from you.
Just a simple hello & my worries are through.
Why I say this?
I think I have a clue,
Because I am glad I have someone,
a special friend like u!

A good friendship does not depend
on how good understanding we have.
But it depends on how better
we avoid Misunderstandings.

I Say and You Listen,
its a Good Friendship.
You Say and I Listen,
is a Better Friendship.
But I don’t Say and You Understand,
is “Best Friendship.

Friendship, a known face, in a strange crowd,
a ray of hope in thick cloud of darkness.
And whenever a friend I try to define-
thoughts of ‘you’ come to mind.

Cheez is 4 pizza,
Passport is 4 visa,
Cream is 4 cake,
Water is 4 lake,
butter is 4 slice,
Freezer is 4 ice,
Flower is 4 bee
& Friend like you is just 4 Me.

To make a kg of honey,
bees have 2 visit 4 million flowers,
traveling 4 times around the earth.
Thank God, I can reach my sweet friend
just by a message.

1 sec.
1 min.
1 hr.
1 day.
1 week.
1 month.
1 yr.
No matter how
we don’t see
each other, you’ll
always be in my heart,my friend!

Do u know
about the things
which live
after death?
So keep in touch!!

Things we must be thankful for:
1. Worries at the start of day:
means u r still alive.
2. Clothes that don’t fit anymore:
means u have a good appetite.
3. Roof that needs fixing:
means you have got a house.
4. A message  on your mobile
means you have a friend
who remembers you & wishes you well.

SMS for Special Friend

“SPECIAL” friend
S – supports u
P – prays for u
E – encourages u
C – cares for u
I – inspires u
A – advises u
L- like u!
Hope we remain ‘Special’ always..

Stars are too far,
Sun is very hot,
Moon is unapproachable.
So GOD, Specially made you my FRIEND
so that I can say I have my own little universe.

Friends and Friendship
its a package of feelings.
Nobody can make it.
Nobody can delete it.
Nobody can explain it.
Only friends can feel it.