Inspiring Quotes for Success

Inspiring Quotes for Success

Practical SUCCESS is the ability
to go from one Success to another
without losing your focus
& without getting carried away with it.
Inspiring Quotes for Success
Inspiring Quotes for Success

As far as u think ‘NOT NOW’,
Success becomes ‘NEVER’.
But as soon as you think ‘WHY NOT NOW’,
Success surely will become ‘YOURS’ !

Success is measured not so much
by the height that one has achieved in the life
but by the difficulties that one has overcome
while achieving success.

If yesterday didn’t end up the way you planned,
Just remember:
God created today for you to start a new one,
the  best is yet to come! Have a successful Day.

Inspiring Quotes for Success

an 8 letter word
exhausts you
irritates you
& sometimes demoralizes you.
But it gives you
the elegant reward of life time
called “SUCCESS”

If you fall,
don’t see the place where you fell,
but see the place where you slipped.
success is all about correcting mistakes

Our life begins with our cry,
Our life ends with others cry.
Try to utilize this gap and
laugh as much as possible
between these cries.

The Biggest Enemy of SUCCESS
is Fear of Failure.
So when Fear Knocks on the Door,
Send COURAGE to Open the Door..
Success will WALK in.