Thought of the day..Hindi status in English

Thought of the day..


If victory is certain,
then even a coward can fight.
But the real brave still dares to fight
even when he knows that his defeat is certain.

Love is not n exam to pass/fail.
Love is not a competition 2 win/loss.
Love is a feeling in which u care 4 some1
more than, “what u do 4 urself”.

2 aspects of life-
If U become too sentimental,
its too hard to lead life
& if U become too practical,
its too tough to respect relations

Thought- Perfection is not achieved
completely by anyone in world,
But if u keep chasing Perfection
Somewhere on d way U may catch EXCELLENCE!

There r only two things in lyf
dat r more painful than death.
1 wen ur FRIEND remains SILENT
n other is wen U cant know
d reason of his/her SILENCE.

Relationship is nt a business
where u give when u get time .
It is a beautiful feeling for someone
where u love to give
even if u dont get time.
So b in touch.

Night doesnt become beautiful
wid starry sky & full moon,
It becomes beautiful when u go to sleep
and let stars & moon admire ur innocence.
gud nite,& swt drms!!