What is WhatsApp वट्सअप्प क्या है

What is WhatsApp

वट्सअप क्या है ?
एक रास्ता है दिल की बात बताने का
एक ज़रिया है अपनी याद दिलाने का
एक साथी है गम को भूलने का
एक तरीका है रिश्ता निभाने का.
What is WhatsApp ?
Ek Rasta hai dil ki baat batane ka
Ek Zariya hai apni yaad dilane ka
Ek Sathi hai gum ko bhulane ka
Ek Tarika hai rishta nibhane ka.

Life is like cotton.
Don’t make it heavier
by sinking it in Water of Sorrows,
but make it lighter
by letting it blow in Wind of Joy!
Sir:Tom, what would happen if there is a 3rd world war?
Tom:That would be terrible.
Tom:There will be another chapter
in our history book
Teacher: what is your father?
Student: I.C.S. in summer
& P.C.S. in winter
Teac: what’s that?
Std: Ice cream seller in summer
& Pakoda chat seller in winter.
What is WhatsApp वट्सअप्प क्या है
A beautiful saying
“Words are under your control
until you speak them,
but you come under their control
once you have spoken them!!”
Santa: My computer going crazy.
Banta: Y? whats wrong?
Santa: I don’t have keyboard
but it still gives a keyboard error.