Hindi Status - Santa Banta

Santa Banta English Movie

Santa Banta English Movie

संता: कल रात मैंने एक बहुत बोरिंग इंग्लिश मूवी देखी,
ना कोई सीन ना ही आवाज.
बंता: अच्छा? कौन सी?
संता: प्लीज इन्सर्ट डिस्क.
Santa: Last night I saw
a boring English movie.
It had no scene nor sound.
Banta: Really?Which movie was it?
Santa: Please Insert Disc ;)

Santa Banta English Movie

You may be
waiting for Rain
as too much heat
want to go out?
Have a Dance?
Sing happily?
Splash water?
Well every FROG feels like that!

Santa Banta English Movie

Lecturer:if you have any doubt,
please ask me
Santa:what is the meaning of “I dont know”
Lecturer:mujhe malum nahi
Santa:yahi aapko malum nahi
to aapse kya puchu

We Work for Making Better tomorrow.
But When tomorrow Comes
Instead Of Enjoying,
Again we Start Thinking for Better tomorrow.

Every time i miss you,
a star falls.
So if you ever look up at the sky
and the stars are gone,
its because you made me miss you too much!

Santa: Why do you prefer
prepaid connection over postpaid?
Banta: prepaid mein bahut fayda hai,
isme call ke bad bill badhne ki bajaye kam hota hai.

Love knows no reason
Love knows no lies.
Love define all reason
Love has no eyes
Love is not blind
Love sees all
but don’t mind.

During arguments,
Intelligent use Silence
& Stupids use Tongues
& during Discussions,
Intelligent use Tongue
& Stupids use Silence.

Being in ur thoughts is my honour,
being in touch wid u is my happiness.
Seeing u doing well is my satisfaction
n u being my friend is my pride.